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  • Catriona O'Sullivan
  • At times I write a newsletter called Culture Postal Service, and I also work across podcasts.
  • I am most interested in telling stories which have the power to effect positive social change.
  • Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the development of any story you would like to tell. catriona.m.osullivan@gmail.com

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  • Reviews
  • “Catriona’s pitch for a documentary idea was chosen by the rest of the group to be made [...] She was a fantastic group leader, demonstrating a flair for Directing documentary, but also worked as an inspiring, creative and sensitive team member, always taking the time to listen to and incorporate others’ ideas and ways of working. I appreciated Catriona’s sensitivity and understanding towards her subject and always consulted the local Cuban film crew and instructors where there was anything she felt she needed in order to gain a deeper understanding of her subject matter. The resulting film, Desarraigo, is an important story reflecting on a young man navigating his way through life in contemporary Cuban society. It was well received by local and international audiences. Without hesitation I would recommend Catriona."
  • Rebecca Radmore - Firesoul Media
  • “Catriona has been a key instigator in the success of rhubarbTV [...] Not only has she brought original and exciting content to the TV Station, but has also been key in our relationship with the National Student Television Awards which helped us receive several nominations at their 2016 awards ceremony. ”
  • Matt Hindhaugh - Production Coordinator at Nutopia