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  • Catriona O'Sullivan
  • 📍Ljubljana, Slovenia & Rome, Italy.
  • Journalism · Communications Film · Social Change
  • Hello! My name is Catriona (cat-ree-na) and I am from originally from Scotland (and am also half Irish). I've moved around a fair bit, but I have now put down some roots in Rome, Italy, as a base, while slowly reconnecting with, and spending more time in my home country of Scotland too. I work across a variety of media in various contexts. For the last 5 years or so I have been mostly working for big political / international institutions such as the European Parliament and the UN. I have also worked as a journalist and have received several awards in this area, and have some experience in documentary film and factual TV. I am now finishing up a masters in Human Rights, and am looking to expand into more work across broadcasting, writing, participatory arts projects (for community development), documentary film and podcasts.
  • Worked with:
  • • The European Parliament • The United Nations • Journalism (The Independent, Politico, EuroNews) • Factual TV (Channel 4, BBC, EuroNews) More details can be found on my LinkedIn.
  • Some more recent projects include: • Coordinating the Human Rights Film Festival in Venice, Italy (for EMA - Global Campus of Human Rights and Right Livelihood) • Being invited to present at an international conference on transitions to democracy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (this June, 2024) • Currently working on my thesis on the impact of participatory film projects for peacebuilding in post-conflict societies

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  • Reviews
  • “Catriona was a fantastic group leader, demonstrating a flair for Directing documentary, but also worked as an inspiring, creative and sensitive team member, always taking the time to listen to and incorporate others’ ideas and ways of working. I appreciated Catriona’s sensitivity and understanding towards her subject and always consulted the local Cuban film crew and instructors where there was anything she felt she needed in order to gain a deeper understanding of her subject matter. The resulting film, Desarraigo, is an important story reflecting on a young man navigating his way through life in contemporary Cuban society. It was well received by local and international audiences. Without hesitation I would recommend Catriona."
  • Rebecca Radmore - Firesoul Media
  • “Catriona has been a key instigator in the success of rhubarbTV [...] Not only has she brought original and exciting content to the TV Station, but has also been key in our relationship with the National Student Television Awards which helped us receive several nominations at their 2016 awards ceremony. ”
  • Matt Hindhaugh - Production Manager at Two Circles